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Siloe All Natural Muscle Calming Creme

Siloe All Natural Muscle Calming Creme

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In a small, poverty stricken town called Luis B Sanchez along the border of Mexico, there is a ministry for elderly people and children who do not have family capable of caring for them.  The ministry leaders make cremes that we help them sell in order to raise money for food for the kids and adults.  These cremes contain only all natural ingredients, and are used for muscle calming after long travel, hard workouts, or stress. 


The muscle cremes come in a "wintergreen mint" scent. 


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Meet Elio

Elio is a hard worker and incredible talented artist and carpenter. He does amazing work in Mexico making large statues and decorations. Elio has always wanted to have a business where is able to do wood engraving and make smaller products that are easier to sell. We are partnering with Elio to expand and grow this new part of his business as well as his business as a whole. Join with us as we help Elio continue to thrive in his business by buying the wooden products on the marketplace