Hear Our Story

The Aloe Family exists to equip future leaders to change cycles of poverty in their environments through healing, hope and community empowerment.

The Aloe Family Marketplace supports artisans by purchasing and reselling their products, and partnering with them to understand business principles. 

Each purchase supports an entrepreneur from Nashville or Mexico, who has overcome immense challenges.  Many entrepreneurs are refugees, migrants, and individuals in need of support. 

The Aloe Family is inspired by the Aloe Plant. Aloe vera is rough on the outside, making it tough enough to grow in the harshest conditions in the desert. Just a small amount of water is enough resource for it to grow. When you break the aloe vera plant open, healing properties drip out of the inside.

The Aloe Family seeks to provide a hand-up to the resilient. The communities we work with consist of individuals who are tough, who grow with the resources they have, and who are healing on the inside from the challenges they have faced.