• Meet E.

    E. is a hard worker and incredible talented artist and carpenter. He does amazing work in Mexico making large statues and engraved wood products.

  • Meet D.

    D is from Honduras, and she has an incredible story of overcoming challenges of poverty and violence in her home country. With her candle business, D hopes to provide better opportunties for her family and kids.

  • Meet W.

    W. fled Honduras as a refugee, enduring hardship in Honduras, and she has always been creative to find ways to support her family. Now she makes hand- screen printed products of all kinds!

  • Meet B.

    Meet B! B lives in Mexico and she is challenged with overcoming situations of poverty in her environment in an under-resourced town. She takes care of her special needs child and several other children, making it impossible for her to go to work. The Aloe Family is partnering with her to help buy the all natural body scrubs she makes . Each scrub consists of all natural, plant based ingredients and acts as a moisturizing exfoliant to leave your skin feeling clean and soft.

  • Meet N.

    N is missing her leg and is stuck in a wheel chair. She has lived many years in Mexico without water and electricity and we think she is the strongest woman we know! N makes hair scrunchies that are beautiful to support herself and her two kids.

  • Meet J.

    J is a pastor and leader in a community in Mexico. She is a talented artist who designs stickers, painting and promotional items to support her family and church!

  • Siloe

    Siloe is the name of the brand of hand cremes made by women who are running a home for abandoned eldery people and for kids who live in unsafe conditions in a small town in Mexico called Luis B. Sanchez. Their hand cremes support their ministry!

  • The bracelets made are crafted by refugees in Nashville and female artisans in a small town in Mexico.